4. Advanced Preferences

fmPreferences - Advanced Preferences

Advanced preferences tab allows you to setup some additional options and parameters:

General tab:

  • Show banner - Show/hide left-side banner
  • Write SQL log - Allows you to save detailed SQL log - is useful if you face any issues and would like to report more details
  • Update available - Enable/Disable whether to Notify that new updates are available
  • Set table prefix - if one is used at your store. CubeCart_ prefix is used in default CubeCart. If you're not sure which one is used, use Autodetect option.
  • Connect timeout (sec) - The amount of time in seconds to wait for connection initialization to complete.
  • Enable/Disable WYSIWYG HTML editors
  • Store URL - It can be the same as database host. Enable the corresponding option if it is the same. In case it is different disable the option and specify the correct store URL.
  • Reports directory - Allows you to specify your own directory for reports
  • Company logo file - Allows you to add your own logo used by reports
  • Also you can specify additional server parameters if ones

Feedback tab allows you to disable the "Leave Feedback" button and to specify feedback e-mail. Please note that this option can be found in Help -> BetaEasy API section as well.

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