1. Order Editing

fmOrderEdit - Order Editing Form

This section describes how to edit CubeCart orders.

Edit Order Form

To edit CubeCart order you can double click on it or use edit order button. It calls edit order form.

1. Main. Here you can specify customer, select payment method and card type from the ones available at your store. Also you can see the date of purchase, order status, order currency and total and some other details specified by customer while order.

  • Order Number - This is the order number assigned to the order. This number is sent out to the customer at the time the order is made.
  • Status - The current status of the order. When an order is placed, the status is set to 'Pending'. If the payment gateway is able to confirm payment has been made (PayPal IPN for example), on successful completion of the payment the status is changed to 'Processing'. The setting can be changed manually within the order details.
  • Order Time - The date and time the order was placed.
  • Customer - The name of the customer who made the order. You can select any customer from the drop-down. If you cannot see the customer you need, you should create one. Check Customers section for details.
  • The Customer Comments box displays any information the customer may have typed in at Step 5 of the payment process.
  • Shipping Date, Shipping Method - Shipping information.

Summary - Order summary, calculated basing on order details.

2. Customer Information. Here you can specify customer's name and customer's billing and shipping address.

3. Other. Here you can see the IP, select Tax and add comments and notes to the order.

  • IP - The IP address of the computer that made the order. If the IP address is clicked on, the address can be resolved to a domain address to give you additional information as to where they are coming from, for example the ISP they are using. This is not always possible though.

Click Ok to save this entry and to close edit order form or click cancel to discard this entry.

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