3. Products Management

fmProducts - Products and Options Sections.

This chapter describes how to manage CubeCart products, CubeCart product descriptions, upload product images, or remove products, manage CubeCart options and much more.

Product management with Store Manager for CubeCart is very simple. You have all necessary tools for adding products and you have no limitation of their number, number of their categories and subcategories. The following topics of CubeCart product management are covered:

Products Section

In CubeCart products context menu or toolbar, you can find the following options:

Product Options

Basic Operations (Add, Edit, Delete)

In product options context menu or toolbar, you can find the following features:

Check CubeCart Product Options section to find out how to create product options and their values and assign them to products.

Copy, Paste Options

Copy/paste feature is used to spread the same options for multiple products at once. You can copy  selected options to clipboard and paste  them to any other product or to multiple products at once. In case you have multiple stores you can paste options and values to any product in any other store (after you change the connection in Tools -> Quick connection switch).