7. Products Search

fmProductsSearch - Products Search Frame

This section describes how to use search form and to find products for editing without browsing store folders.

You can perform CubeCart product search by product ID, name or product code (model).


If you type a few letters of Product's name or code in "Text to Search" field, the Manager will show you a list of products that match your request. You can specify * to see all products from your store. If you double click on any product in the search results, Store Manager will take you to it's category page and highlight searched product in product list.

Product Search Form


Store Manager shows you a list of products that match your request at the "Results" pane. You can perform the following actions using search results:

Filter option allows you to add your search conditions to the list of filters and apply them to your products in the main grid.

If you do not want to make any actions (like find the product for editing or applying filters) hit Cancel to leave the form.